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About eLightWizard

Hello, I'm the eLightWizard, and I'm here to start saving you money on your monthly electric bill.

I have been involved with the energy efficient lighting industry since it began back in the early 1990's, and have since, retrofitted over 1000's schools and libraries, and and 1000's of buildings in the Chicagoland area. In total, I have changed approximately a half a million fixtures. Thats A LOT of lights! This calculates to saving people millions of dollars on their bills.

eLightWizard.com is my way of sharing the wealth of knowledge that I have incurred. Making your building green is so simple, that you can have your regular maintenance man do it himself, and save you thousands on contractor fees. I have created videos that can help you and your in-house crew, properly install these fixtures, and as always, you can contact me and I will respond to all questions as fast as possible.